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EDU 240 Extension Case-Study & Instructions


Having graduated from Wheelock College with a degree in Early Childhood, you are currently working as a Senior Teacher in a childcare centre and having the primary role of caring and managing toddlers. You have been with the centre for about a year.
Recently you met Mrs Kong, a lady in her 40s in the process of work. She is working as a secretary and has three children. Two of her children are currently in your centre, i.e. kindergarten and nursery. Seeing that you are the Toddler and Senior Teacher, Mrs Kong decided to approach you one day when she came by to fetch her two children. She disclosed that her third child, Nicky, is currently 1 year old and was diagnosed to have Down Syndrome. Nicky is currently cared for by her and the domestic helper at home. Mrs Kong shared that she and her husband only knew about the child's disability six months ago from a doctor based on a blood test conducted. Regarding the severity of Nicky's disability, Mrs Kong said that she is unsure and have been instructed by the doctor to bring the child in for further assessment at about 1 year old. She has yet to make any appointment for the further assessment.
Mrs Kong shared that initially she and her husband had a tough time coming to terms to their child having Down Syndrome. Though they have more or less come to terms with the doctor's diagnosis, she said that there are times where they do not really believe that Nicky has Down Syndrome as their two older children are normal and it seems that Nicky is always cheerful and smiling. Based on a photograph that Mrs Kong shared with you (through her handphone), there were no facial signs indicating that Nicky has Down Syndrome. What you saw was a photograph of a happy, smiling chubby child.
Mrs Kong is concern about Nicky's future and when queried, she admitted that Nicky seems to be a bit slow in learning and has difficulties sitting upright. She seeks your opinion and professional view about children with Down Syndrome as well as their future in society. She also asked whether she is able to enroll Nicky into the centre for toddler class when the child turns 18 months old.
Mrs Kong shared that her close friends & colleagues told her that the child needs to be placed in a special school, however she is unsure whether any special school will take Nicky in at such a young age. She added that her boss (who is an American based in Singapore) told her that despite Nicky's disadvantage, Nicky can still stidy in mainstream schools as part of inclusion education and equal opportunities. Mrs Kong is very confused and overwhelmed with all these information. She hopes that you can shed some light on these issues, given your professional standing as an early childhood educator (taking into consideration your designation as a Toddler and Senior Teacher in the centre).
1. Based on the information given (which was adapted from a recent real incident with additional contributions from experts in the field of early childhood education and special needs), please answer the following questions with justifications (including in-text citation/referencing) for your answers:
(a) What would you reveal to Mrs Kong regarding your professional view about children with Down Syndrome and their future in Singapore? (4 Marks)
(b) Given the limited information provided, what would you advise Mrs Kong about:
(i) Enrolling Nicky into the centre's toddler class; and (2 Marks)
(ii) Nicky's diagnosis of having Down Syndrome. (2 Marks)
(c) What would you disclose to Mrs Kong about special education, special school and inclusive education in Singapore? (6 Marks)
2. Comment on 1 entry by your classmates. (1 Mark)
  • This e-assignment will be available on 10 August (Monday) from 9am to 14 August (Friday) at 10pm.
  • Remember to sign off your full name so that I can mark your attendance and award you the necessary marks as this e-assignment contributes to 15% (out of 20%) of your grade of the extension lessons. The remaining 5% will be based on class participation.

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